Cannabis and Terpenes: What Do We Really Know?

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Plants produce terpenes for interactions with other organisms, to help protect them against pathogens like mold, fungus and bacteria, and to attract pollinating insects or repel herbivores. Thousands of terpenes have been found across the plant kingdom, but some are concentrated in certain families such as Cannabaceae., which includes Cannabis sativa and Humulus lupulus (common hops). Terpenes found in both cannabis and hops, or more precisely, in their essential oils (EOs), are mainly mono- and sesquiterpenes: up to 99% of all terpenes found in the EO of hops and up to 98% in cannabis EO fall into this category. Cannabis and hops produce and accumulate a terpene-rich resin in glandular trichomes, which are most abundant on the surface of female inflorescences. Thus, the flowering parts have been utilized in remedies for millennia.

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Article Written By:  Tarmo Nuutinen, PhD

Original Article Posted on:  Oct 22, 2018 

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